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Commitments to You:

I will honor you in my interactions as my client.
I will give you honest and truthful recommendations based on what I know will help sell your house.
I will work with you as needed to accomplish the Staging recommendations.
I will share our discounts and resources with you to help you save money.
I will provide creative solutions for you based on your timeframe and budget to implement recommendations.
I will provide fair and accurate pricing for your Staging needs.
I am insured as a business owner to protect you, my client.

My Commitments to Staging:

I believe that the best process is to Stage first then List, Show and Sell a house.
I am committed to staying on top of Staging trends for our market.
I believe a Staged house sells over the un-Staged competition in any market.
I know that Staging is a key marketing tool and market differentiator for a Realtor.
I know that Staging is a key market differentiator and value added service for the property.

My Commitments to Business:

I am committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for our clients.
I believe in providing add-on services to help you sell your house or market your listing.
I will conduct our Staging in an efficient manner to help you save money on Staging time.
I will partner with professionals as needed to complete the Staging work.
I keep my business license current to protect you as my client.
I will work with honor and integrity in my business transactions.

My Commitment to Myself:
I will stay in Staging as long as the joy and passion of what  i do remains.
I am committed to furthering the excellence of Staging with my work and relationships.
I am committed to gaining additional education as an ASP and industry leader.
I am committed to the IAHSP Association as the only professional association serving just Home Stagers.
I am committed to protecting that which makes me special and unique.

Staging is an extension of who I am - not just a means to an end.  When I started Staging I was searching for a way to provide for my family, doing something I love.  Staging was truly a blessing that saved me from going back to the grind of a job I did well, but did not enjoy.

Staging is the same for each person I work with on my team.  We all entered this business after working in other professions, successful but unfulfilled.  We have gone from a "job" to a "passion" and have found a way to fill the creative void inside us - through the art and business of Staging.

Because we enjoy and love what we do - we are dedicated to remaining in this field and providing creative and quality Staging solutions for homeowners, Realtors, Builders, and Investors.

This is a lifelong journey - and a wonderful adventure that we hope to share with you.

Happy Staging & Selling!

A message to you - our prospective or current client:

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