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Jennie Norris has been featured in major media articles, local publications, and on television segments for both local and national media exposure on Home Staging.  Below are articles of interest, as well as links to publications about Home Staging.


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You can find many great local California real estate information on Localism.com Jennie Norris, ASPM, IAHSP is a proud member of the ActiveRain Real Estate Network, a free online community to help real estate professionals grow their business.
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NBC's Today Show 
NBC wanted to do a feature on Home Staging and once again, all roads led to Accredited Staging Professionals and Barb Schwarz.  Jennie Norris was honored to be asked to join 35 other ASPs out of hundreds that applied to prepare a Haslett, Michigan home for sale.  As part of the team that Staged the Living Room, Jennie helped create buyer appeal and lighten the feel of the room.

ABC's 20/20 featured Home Staging with Accredited Staging Professionals - and told the whole story from start to finish.  Chris Connelly of 20/20 interviewed Barb Schwarz and met 25 of the top ASP and ASPM Stagers from around the country.  

Pictured here with Jennie Norris, ASPM, Chris and his crew captured all the action - and the house SOLD within days of completion of the hands-on Staging.  Ironically, the house next door - also on the market - sat and did not attract a buyer!

Jennie Norris was featured on HGTV.com Decorating Ideas.

We Stage Sacramento was also selected to Stage a house featured on HGTV's "House Hunters" - Dec. 2007

"Selling A House in A Buyer's Market" May 2008
CBS- Early Show News
READ this article on tips for Selling a house in a Buyer's Market - on the list:  Stage using an ASP!  This was unsolicited exposure and validation of our ASP designation!

"STAGED TO SELL" - DS News (formerly REO Magazine) 

features Home Staging as a way for Asset Manager and Investors to prepare houses for sale.  This article featured Jennie Norris, as well as several ASP and ASP Master Colleagues!
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One of the best online resources for news and information on Home Staging is the Stagedhomes.com Media Center that features ASP Home Staging articles and statistics.

You can find current articles from national and local publications and archives dating back to 2003.

Here are some of the prominant publications that have featured ASP Home Staging:
ENTREPRENEUR Magazine featured Barb Schwarz, ASPM & CEO of Stagedhomes.com and Jennie Norris, ASPM in an interview about "Silver Lining" - and finding ways to succeed in today's real estate market.

Comstocks Business  interviewed Jennie Norris as part of a feature on Home Staging.
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REALTOR Magazine - The Visual Nature of the Internet
This article featured Jennie Norris, President of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP), and Barb Schwarz, Founder and Chairwoman of IAHSP and talks about the internet and how it is used by both business owners and the public.

Examiner.com - Home Staging 101 - An Expert Shares All  - Featuring Jennie Norris, ASPM
Kilpinger's Online - Stage Your Home For Under $1,000
Home Staging - Featuring Jennie Norris photos
Fox News Channel - Home Staging 101
Featuring Jennie Norris, Owner, Sensational Home Staging
CLICK HERE to view this article on the Sensational Home Newsletter site.

Home Staging - Depersonalizing 
as a Selling Tool
Neighbors that Hurt Your Home Values - and how to overcome the challenge
Follow the Sensational Home Staging BLOG for updated news and key information on the Staging industry and how you can benefit from this valued service.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

On June 6, 2011 "The Today Show" discussed Home Staging and Barbara Corcoran, noted expert and real estate broker, recommended the public go to IAHSP to locate a qualified professional Home Stager to work with to prepare a house for sale.  The International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP) has set the standards for the Home Staging industry since 1999 and is the only home staging association that requires education first to be a member.  Jennie Norris has been an IAHSP member since 2003 and served as President of IAHSP International for 2009-2010.
CBS News.com - Staging Feature